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Top 10 Recommended Niches to Make Money Online

Top 10 Recommended Niches to Make Money Online
Written by Kerie Hinchliffe

I have been exploring different niches that even newbies can start their own online business in. This is a post about my top 10 recommended niches to make money online with.

Finally, you have decided that you want to start an online business, but first, you need to decide niche that you want to go into. The best ones are those that offer a solution to a common problem, one that is preferably evergreen. 

What are the Top 10 Recommended Niches to Make Money Online?

  1. Make money online 
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Build Muscle 
  4. Dog Training
  5. Dating
  6. Save your marriage
  7. Language Learning
  8. Make your own energy 
  9. Satellite TV on PC
  10. Business Opportunities

1) Make Money Online

This is probably the hardest to get into. For a newbie, I would suggest another niche first. Document everything you do and then use it in this niche.

2) Weight Loss

This is a big one, but quick to get into. There are plenty of affiliate products to promote. This is the niche where I made my first $100 days. It's an evergreen niche, with a problem that can also be broken down into separate niches. For example, “How to lose weight from my thighs,” “How to lose the belly flab.” Just have a look on Clickbank for affiliate offers.

3) Build Muscle

This is a specialised niche area with huge potential. I would suggest this for anybody that is already involved in building muscle, either for themselves or as a personal trainer. There is a lot to learn about the right supplements and understanding the correct nutrition. Again it's evergreen with plenty of sub-niches.  Remember Tim Ferries used this niche to create his 4 hours a week lifestyle.

4) Dog Training

Just look at the popularity of the pet niche in general, both for physical products and digital. The reason for Dog training niche is that you are aiming to solve a problem quickly. For example dog barking too much is annoying the neighbours.

5) Dating

It's a human's basic need to connect. Just look at all the dating sites and apps out there, they are raking in billions each year. You could send people to CPA Offers (Click Per Action). For example sending people via your link to a free signup. You receive payment when they fill in a form.

6) Save your marriage

This is the other end of the spectrum. When things have started to go bad, couples will look for a solution that is both quick and cost-effective solution to saving their relationship.

7) Language Learning

There are a number of reasons why someone wants to learn a new language, from a new job in another country to being able to mix with the locals when travelling.

8) Make your own Energy

No longer just a niche for those wanting to live off grid, but also for those looking to reduce their energy cost. Areas to look at are Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Bioenergy Power and making your own fuel.

9) Satellite TV on PC

Surprisingly still a big niche, even with the growth of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This niche shows customers how to get cheap TV from around the world.

10) Business Opportunities

This niche is not the same as Make Money Online and Internet Marketing niches. It's more about opportunities like franchising, MLM, writing, hobbies, and crafting etc. Look at the growth of Etsy, here you have people creating bespoke items such as jewellery and selling it across the globe.

Find the right niche for yourself, remember that you will be spending time building your business, so you need to enjoy it. If you have knowledge of another niche, then, by all means, cut your teeth in that niche first then move into one of these.Make Money Online

So I hope you take action on the top 10 recommended niches to make money online.


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Kerie Hinchliffe

Kerie Hinchliffe is a former high school teacher that has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From writing books in different niches, skinning apps or creating an Internet Cafe in South Africa!

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